UCDP Update Alert 27:

Major data releases

In collaboration with UCDP, the Peacemakers at Risk (PAR) dataset by Sara Lindberg Bromley has been released. The dataset contains geo-referenced event data on violence against peacekeepers, and is compatible with all other UCDP data on organized violence. The current dataset version covers peacekeeping interventions deployed by UN and non-UN actors to sub-Saharan Africa between 1989 and 2009, provided that the country of deployment has experienced intrastate conflict during the time period. For more information, see Lindberg Bromley, Sara 2018. Introducing the UCDP Peacemakers at Risk dataset, sub-Saharan Africa, 1989-2009. Journal of Peace Research 55(1):122-131.

UCDP has released six new versions of its annually updated datasets: UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset v.17.2, UCDP Dyadic Dataset v.17.2, UCDP Battle-related Deaths Dataset v.17.2, UCDP Georeferenced Events Dataset v.17.2 (UCDP GED 17.2), UCDP Non-State Conflict Dataset v.17.2 and UCDP One-sided Violence Dataset v.17.2. In connection to this update, UCDP released the first version of the public API covering all UCDP core datasets. This allows researchers to directly interact with UCDP's computer systems through a machine-to-machine communication method.

All datasets and codebooks can be downloaded from ucdp.uu.se/downloads

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