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Update Alert No. 3
20 October, 2010

Latest updates: Major data releases

UCDP Actor Dataset

In September, the UCDP released the latest version of the UCDP Actor Dataset; a dataset with descriptive information and IDs of all the actors that have ever been included in the UCDP's datasets on organized violence. Amongst other things the dataset contains IDs for all actors, making it possible to easily track one actor across different categories of violence. The dataset also features information on rebel group splits, merges and alliances. A new feature in this year's version is the inclusion also of all government actors.

The dataset can be downloaded from the UCDP website, under the Datasets section.

UCDP One-sided Violence Dataset

Also in September, the UCDP released the latest version of the UCDP One-sided Violence Dataset. The actor-year dataset contains information of intentional attacks on civilians by governments and formally organized armed groups.

The dataset can be downloaded from the UCDP website, under the Datasets section.


UCDP Paper No. 6

In October 2010, the UCDP Paper No. 6, "Meeting the New Challenges to International Mediation", was published. The report summarises the Uppsala conference on Meeting the New Challenges to International Mediation, held on June 14-16, 2010.

The meeting was organized around eight special themes, that have recently received attention or that are emerging as new challenges. The discussions under each theme have been summarized in separate sections in this executive report. For each theme there are also implications for research as well as for mediation practice.

UCDP Paper No. 7

Also in October 2010, the UCDP Paper No. 7, "A New Start for EU Peacemaking? Past Record and Future Potential", was published. The report draws on UCDP data to demonstrate that there is a need for a new beginning for the EU in international peacemaking. Reviewing EU engagement in international affairs, the report finds the record to be below expectations. The report also asserts that there is a potential for the EU to take on a more significant role in international peacemaking.

The report recommends that the EU should refocus its international conflict activity to constructive engagements for peace and security, and integrate these engagements into a new doctrine of international conflict resolution, firmly rested on the values expressed in the Lisbon Treaty.

Coming updates

Termination dataset

November 2010: In early November, an updated version of the UCDP Conflict Termination Dataset will be available. This version will include information on both conflict-level and dyadic-level outcomes of armed conflict from 1946-2009, and thereby correspond with UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset v 4-2010 and UCDP Dyadic Dataset v 1-2010. In addition to providing updated information on detailed start- and end-dates and the means of termination for each conflict episode, the dyadic dataset will include information of post-conflict peace settlements signed by the belligerents.

Ongoing projects

Non-state Conflict Dataset 1989-2008

Spring 2011 will see the launch of the UCDP's new non-state conflict dataset, with a temporal scope covering 1989-2008. This dataset will replace earlier versions of the UCDP Non-state Conflict Dataset, contain start and end dates and more disaggregated fatality counts. The dataset will be updated annually.

UCDP Georeferenced Event Dataset (UCDP GED)

Spring 2011 will also see the launch of the UCDP's new georeferenced dataset. This dataset, which has disaggregated all of the UCDP's categories of violence into specific georeferenced events, will be updated annually.